The Rebel Team

Dana Cason Teepe
Chief Executive Officer
Jack Cason
Founder and President Emeritus
Patrick Cason
Executive Vice President

Jason Case

SVP of Operations

Christi Carano Case

Director of Supply & Marketing

Larry Crisp

I.T. Director

Corina Powers

Gaming Director

Cheri Alder


Wyndi Lewis

Human Resources Manager

Derick MacFawn

Safety & Compliance Manager

Charlie Grigg

Regional Director

Becky Weed

Supply Manager Oil & Lubricants

Caitlin Scherr

Supply Manager Fuel & Rail

Joe Gambino

Transportation Manager

Mark Cason

Equipment Manager

Robert Santaella

Senior Sales Rep

Ron Perkins

Sales Manager

Cody Foremaster

Sales Rep Nevada

Tim Clark

Terminal Manager

Nate Longmire

Terminal Supervisor

Kenny Mcdade

Terminal Operator

Shane Herman

Terminal Operator

Rudy Morales

Terminal Operator

Seth Scarborough

Railyard Manager

Dominic Franco

Railyard Operators

Keyvon Cole

Railyard Operators

Mike Teepe

Project Management

Chris King


Tim Christensen


Jason Ngatta

Dispatch Night Shift

Jerry Woodstra

Kingman Plant Manager

Brandon Blohm

Las Vegas Plant Manager

Leonard Vanstrien

Hesperia Plant Manager

Carisa Cutler

Tonopah Plant Manager

Eric Stephens

Payroll Manager

Amy Myers

Accounts Payable Manager

Ralynn Hall

Account Receivable & Credit Manager

Kellie Johnson

Billing Manager

Gary Gibson

I.T. Supervisor

Jess Dunnam

Accounts Payable Specialist

Jennifer Holman

Accounts Receivable Supervisor

Mary Lecavalier

Freight Billing Specialist

Jarmin Fass

Plant Supervisor

Damon Dix

Plant Supervisor

Amy Mitchell

Corporate Office Administrator

Valerie Israelson

Hesperia Office Administrator

Ariel Martinez

Tonopah Office Administrator